The Benefits
Getting Started!
Applying Tags

1. You lose your item

Your child lost something. That's okay.

You are smart and knew this would happen one day, so you became a My Lost Property member. Now the likelihood of your child's item being returned is much higher.

2. Item is found

We supply a scanner to your school free of charge. Misplaced items can also be logged using a smart phone and at the My Lost Property website. This is a quick and simple process.

3. Item is returned

Your child's item is scanned! Notification via Email and Text Message is automatically sent to you, the parent, informing you that your child has misplaced an item and is ready to be collected from the schools lost property. Safe, Simple, Fast, and Effective.

Research suggests that the average family can spend up to $300.00 each year on replacing lost school uniforms!

Why use My Lost Property SMART TRACKABLE clothing and stick on labels?

  • Normal labels do not send you emails & free text messages notifying you that your child has misplaced an item
  • Normal labels do not inform you that your child has misplaced an item, and that the item is ready to be collected from your schools lost property department
  • Our service helps ensure that your child has the best possible chance of getting their items returned
  • Our service ensures that items are returned to their rightful owners
  • Our service saves you money & makes lost property a thing of the past!

Please Note: You must use a PC or Tablet to be able to purchase a pack

1. Register

Firstly you need to register with us using our simple online registration form. Basic contact information is required to be able to link you with your items.

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2. Receive your pack

Once you have registered, your My Lost Property pack will be posted to you. This will contain your custom made labels & keyrings.

3. Get tagging!

Labels can be attached to almost anything you like, laptops, school uniform, locker keys etc. Anything you want to protect!

1. Iron-on Labels

Iron-on labels can be applied to most fabrics. Perfect for school blazers, jumpers, skirts, trousers, aprons, lab coats and P.E Kits. Our iron on labels are durable and easy to apply detailed instructions are provided in each pack.

2. Self- Adhesive Labels

Our durable self adhesive labels are ideal for tagging your electrical equipment such as laptops, tablets & phones. They are also great for sticking onto lunch boxes, drink bottles, musical instruments, and textbooks.

3. Key Rings

Key rings are ideal for attaching to locker keys, instrument cases, backpacks and school bags.