You may have seen these black square dots and lines randomly arranged in a square. These are not secret messages from aliens seeking intelligent life on earth; they are in fact QR codes (an abbreviation of Quick Response Code), a kind of barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone. The QR code was originally designed for the automotive industry in Japan, but is now rapidly being used in many applications. Once the code is scanned by a smartphone, the code can be designed to take you to a website, or open up a document, video, audio-clip, etc. So now you know!
Setting up your account is quick and simple. You will be asked for a password, your name, email, address and mobile number. You will also have to give us your childrens names and schools.
You can access and edit your personal details from the My Lost Property homepage. Just log into your account by clicking the 'Login/Register' button above (or by clicking here) and entering your email address and password.
There are a number of QR Reader applications available (which can be found by searching for QR Scanners on the Google Play or iTunes store). We personally recommend a QR Reader called RedLaser. The majority of QR scanners are completely FREE, and once installed use your phones built in cameras to scan and display information. If you want to install a QR reader on your PC, we recommend QuickMark.

Our system is safe and secure. We do not and will not share your private information with any other companies or organizations. We will not send you unsolicited spam or emails. In fact, the only time we will contact you is to notify you that an item has been found, or your subscription is due for renewal.

Your private information is secure in My Lost Property's database. People who find your lost items cannot see or access your personal information, and similarly we will not and do not pass your information on to the person who finds your items.

Absolutely. Our labels are extremely durable and long lasting, though as with anything, they are prone to general wear and tear.
We will contact you by email one month before your membership is due to expire, as this ensures you always have cover and your childs belongings can still be returned safely and swiftly.
If your labels are still going strong, you can renew your membership for $6.00. This keeps your smart labels active and ensures you always have cover and your child's belongings can still be returned safely and swiftly.
You can purchase a new pack if you need new labels, or just pay $6.00 to keep the original labels connected.
The tracking codes on your custom labels will be deactivated, meaning that your items are no longer protected and you will not receive email and SMS messages from My Lost Property informing you where your misplaced items are, and how to retrieve them.

It's safe and stress-free! Members receive trackable custom made labels and key rings. These are affixed to school items that may get lost.

When a My Lost Property member's item is scanned, SMS and Email messages are automatically sent to parents, informing them that their child has misplaced an item and that the item is ready to be collected from the schools lost property.

Misplaced items can also be logged at the My Lost Property website, which is a quick and simple process.

$25.00 for a pack of 30 labels and one keyring. My Lost Property is a yearly subscription service, so you can keep your smart labels activated each year for a fee of $6.00.
You can indeed! Once you have signed up for a subscription, you can purchase extra keyrings from your management area. View our packs to see the extras you can purchase.
THANK YOU for picking our members misplaced item and making the effort to reunite this item with its owner! Please Go to the I Found Something page and follow the instructions there.
Firstly, ensure the area the label is going to be stuck to is clean and dry. Then apply the label firmly, checking that there are no bubbles under the sticker. Rub over the label with a clean cloth and leave for a few hours to adhere to the surface.
Set your iron to DRY, we don't need steam, as it's the heat and pressure of the iron that bind the labels to the fabric. They are ideal for blazers, the inside of school hats, t-shirts, socks, school shirts, sports uniforms, jumpers, shorts etc.
  1. Place label face up on the fabric (so the QR code and name are facing you).
  2. Cover the label with the parchment paper (that we have supplied to you in your pack). This stops the label melting onto the surface of your iron.
  3. Place the iron on top of the parchment paper and press down firmly for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Repeat as needed to make sure that the label is firmly applied and not lifting at the edges.
  5. Allow the fabric to cool before use.

Somewhat less common questions

For the majority of us the answer is NO, but there is a tiny minority of elbow-lickers who can indeed do this and have it down to a fine art.