With the use of smartphone technology and modern software, My Lost Property have improved and reinvented the old-fashioned children's nametag with extremely durable iron-on and stick-on smart labels. Our lost property recovery service is designed specifically to identify and reunite children with their lost school items.

Our system is effective, safe, fast and stress free for both the parent and the school.

When items are found and scanned, notification via Email and Text Messages are automatically sent to parents informing them that their child has misplaced an item, and that it's ready to be collected from the schools lost property.

  • Quick and Easy to sign up
  • Safe and Secure
  • Affordable
  • Individually produced durable labels with your child's name on them
  • Easy to stick on and iron on
  • Increases the likelyhood of items being returned
  • Helps to eliminate the ever-growing pile of unclaimed lost property at schools

SAVES MONEY: Providing a cheap way to reduce the cost of replacing school uniforms. Parents feel the financial benefits throughout the year.

KEEPS PARENTS INFORMED: With My Lost Property, parents are quickly notified and misplaced items are promptly retrieved.

PEACE OF MIND: Our service helps to ensure that items are returned to their rightful owners.

FREE scanner supplied to school.

GET ITEMS BACK: Our service ensures that your child has the best possible chance of getting their items returned.

SAFE: Parents and students information is completely secure.

Simple, convenient & effective